Are You Sitting Correctly? Here’s Why You May Need to Change Your Posture

Posture is a topic seemingly snooze worthy until you realise how shockingly important posture is. Seriously, your posture impacts your body in every way imaginable. For example, did you know that slouching can affect proper digestion? And that when you’re not properly digesting you’re more likely to experience acid reflux and constipation?

The Surprising Side Effects of Poor Posture
While there’s a myriad of side effects caused by poor posture, AkasaFit highlights the main reasons you should take your posture seriously:

  • Incorrect posture compresses your lungs due to an insufficient amount of space to expand. In turn, your intake of oxygen decreases and listing why that’s not good is worth another article!
  • Incorrect posture can place stress on your joints and this can lead to wear and tear within your joints. While wear and tear is normal, abnormal wear and tear can lead to osteoarthritis.
  • Incorrect posture can affect not only your joints but also your muscles, tendons, and ligaments. When your joints are incorrectly aligned, your muscles will use more energy to compensate meaning you’ll be more prone to fatigue.
  • Incorrect posture can cause or contribute to tension headaches because of tension within the muscles – specifically the muscles within the back of the neck. Back pain is another common side effect caused by muscular tension.
  • Incorrect posture can lead to injuries while exercising – injuries that can be avoided.
Photo by Joyce McCown

The Benefits of Correct Posture
Essentially, your posture can be compared to the foundations of a house: if the foundation is strong then the house can weather any storm but if the foundation is weak, then the house is easily broken. Yes, your posture is the foundation and yes, your body is the house. Maintaining a proper, correct posture is beneficial to the health of your spine and without your spine supporting you, you would be unable to perform most activities you perform daily. According to yogic text, the spine is seen as the spiritual centre of the body so that’s another reason why you should implement correct posture into your life – especially if you’re hoping to activate your kundalini.

Scientifically speaking, though, proper alignment is shown to improve the flow of blood within the body while simultaneously keeping your nerves healthy. Not to forget, practicing proper posture will reverse all of the side effects listed above!

How to Sit Correctly
If you work in an office then there’s a high chance you hunch over your desk. If you’re sitting at your desk now or just sitting in a chair, why not attempt correct alignment? Place both feet evenly onto the floor, roll your shoulders back as to open within the chest then lean back, if needed, so your upper body is directly above your hips. If you’re arching your spine, tuck your tailbone in as to fully perform neutral spine aka the posture you want to perfect. Remember to evenly distribute your body weight meaning don’t tilt your shoulders or hips towards one side. Most importantly, though, make sure your shoulders are away from the ears and relaxed. When standing, it’s the same: shoulders lowered, chest open, tailbone tucked, and weight evenly distributed.

So, do you need to change your posture? Comment below!

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