5 Things You Need for A Perfect Yoga Corner At Home

Since the beginning of the current pandemic, we are slowly adapting to the Stay-Home Lifestyle. Well, not all of us but most of us around the world are working, eating, and even adapting wellness habits at home. The fact is, because of the pandemic, we begin to value our health more seriously! Thus we have created this list of suggestions to enhance your Yoga Corner for that much-needed yoga practice.

Here are 5 things we think will perfect your personal yoga corner.

1. Essential Oils

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels.com

Authentic essential oils are extracted by steaming different parts of a plant. Essential Oils are known to help calm the mind and body by inhaling and exhaling mindfully. If the sinus is an issue, we strongly suggest using peppermint oil to help ease the congestion. As for calmer practices like meditation, we suggest Rose Oil or Frankincense Oil.

2. Plants

Photo by Kara Eads

Plants release oxygen into the air, so the more plants you have, the more oxygenated you and your surroundings are! Additionally, green is a color of growth and energy making it perfect for your yoga practices. It is advisable to get indoor plants like, money plants, spider plants, bamboo palms, snake plants, or evens bigger ones such as Areca Palm!

3. Lighting

Both warm and cool colors bring different benefits to our surroundings. Cool colors such as blues, greens, and indigos are an amazing choice for winding down in the evenings. Warm colors like yellows, reds, and oranges are more energetic and are perfect for morning practices.

4. Crystals

Photo by Dani Costelo

There are many varieties of crystals, each having its own benefits depending on the energy you are drawn to. We highly suggest going with your intuition. Hold and feel the crystals and if it sends a tingling sensation to your body, pick that!

5. Music

Music heals! Curate your own playlist and let the music do it’s magic! It is a quick mood-boosting solution and can positively lift you up on those sluggish days.

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