Become a Confident Yoga Teacher (or any kind of teaching!)

Photo by Geert Pieters

As much as we do not want to know the brutal truth, being a yoga instructor is not an easy career. Why? As a saturated position, you will have to stand out among the other instructors who are most likely to teach the same thing. As an instructor myself, I always try to explore and experiment different flow and yet still adapt my niche method.

If you are experiencing stagnant career (yoga), or starting your teaching career, here are a few advise from our instructors on becoming a confident teacher. Whether you are conducting 2 or 100 students!

  • Be Yourself!
    There should be a reason why you decided to be a yoga instructor. For some instructors, they are inspired by their favourite gurus or teachers, but that doesn’t mean you should follow their tonation, style of teaching, etc. Always be your own teacher, film your own class and observe your teaching from a student’s perspective. How can you improve from it?
  • Prep your class
    Just like any presentation, you have to prepare and prep your work before presenting to your audiences! Plan at least 2 days in advanced if you just started out teaching. Planning your classes in advanced will help you to teach confidently.
  • Meditate or Breathe
    No matter how many classes you have taught or how well-prepared your classes are, our lil’ friend still creeps through the back of our skin and giving you that stage fright! As a fellow instructor, we fully understand that feeling. Let’s take a short moment to close your eyes and take long deep breaths. Set a mantra and always remind yourself to give your very best in every classes!
  • Treat your students like a friend
    Might sound weird to most new instructors but it works! The most effective marketing strategy is the infamous “Word of Mouth”. Before class, always care for your students by asking – if there are any injuries in the room? Any beginners’ in class? This shows you care for them and wanted to know them a little better. After class, try your best to hang around and get feedback from your students! Remember, stay connected.
  • Research, research and more research!
    Once we have step into the comfort zone of teaching, don’t stop there just yet! Be proactive by exploring or researching to expand your knowledge. Your students (new or seasoned) will thank you for guiding them new techniques or knowledge.

Overall, do not give up on your dreams and start to step up you’re A-Game and become the best teacher of your own! Wishing you all the luck in the world!

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